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 Laurie Vanderbrigghe
 Age 6 - Sharks Group

 “I love coming to camp, I have so much fun and I have  made lots of new friends. My favourite activity is arts  and  crafts.”


 Matisse Monnieo

 Age 11 – Eagles Group

 “Camp helps me to improve my basketball and football  skills. I also enjoy when we do camp obstacle courses.  My favourite coach is Lewis, he is really cool.”


 Marwan Badr

 Age 8 - EaglesGroup

 “I have been at camp for hundreds of years (3 years)  and I have so much fun. I like doing lots of different  activities but my favourite is the talent show on a  Thursday. I won it last week! I love all my coaches they  are amazing.”


 Kate Moores

 Parent of Leo (age 10)

 “Leo really enjoys coming to camp, there is a wide variety  of activities and all the staff are really helpful and  friendly. Leo will definitely return to camp, he has so  much fun and it is perfect for whilst I am at work.”


 Amey Purrell

 Parent of Leon and Nicole (age 4 & 5)

 “My kids absolutely love coming to camp, they have a  great time we live across in Sports City but drive to JPS  each day because the kids feel so comfortable and love  all of the staff. We love it!”


 Deborah Rabot

 Parent of Maddison (age 10)

 Maddison has been coming to camp for the last 4 years  and has loved every minute of it, she learns new skills  each time she comes and finds new interests. It is great  for her to be active during the holidays not sat on her  IPad and it is a fantastic way to meet new friends.”